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Contract Software Development for the Web or the Desktop.

Jim McCurdy operates Face to Face Software, where he works designing, developing, and managing software development projects for a variety of clients.

Jim has worked in the software industry since 1977 and has broad expertise in Web, Windows, and systems technologies.   He has been a team player on many agile development projects throughout his career, and is a founding member at software startups Astral Development and Powerhouse Entertainment.

Jim currently specializes in development projects for the C#/XAML stack: Window 8 (WinRT), WPF, Windows Phone, Xamarin, and Silverlight.
Over his career, Jim has gained unique experience in the following application areas :


Check out Jim McCurdy's experience or his complete resume.

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What We Do


We are particularly adept at helping companies develop solid web sites, multimedia products, applications, and tools.


We provide software development and project management consulting to companies putting software products into both online and retail markets.


We focus on opportunities that take advantage of Jim McCurdy's skills in all areas of product development.   Check out Jim's resume.
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