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A skilled and dedicated professional with over 30 years of experience developing and managing software projects.  I will develop high quality and easy-to-use software as a member of a cross functional team.  Technical strengths include all aspects of software design and product development.



Face To Face Software, Inc., Andover, MA

Owner and Principal Developer

August 1997 - ongoing


Face To Face Software is my contract software development business.  My current focus is on mobile and desktop app development, particularly for the C#/XAML stack.  This includes Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Windows Universal UWP/UWA, WPF, Windows Mobile, and other .NET platforms.  All contract developer client experience is summarized below.



Client: Sartorius, Bohemia, NY (through Enscight & Intrepid Pursuits)

A pharmaceutical equipment provider offering laboratory products and services.

March 2016 – January 2017


Developed the second generation of two iOS mobile applications that share a codebase.  The Sartorius Briefcase and Filtration Knowledge Center apps are enterprise apps used by sales professionals, which were developed using cross platform Xamarin.iOS in C#.  Feature development included UIs for all panel views, product item filtering, and conversion to SQLite databases from JSON and XML based data.  Also developed a drill down decision tree that leads a user down a path to product details. An auto update mechanism was also built, along with email sharing functionality.


Featured technology: C#, Xamarin iOS mobile, SQL, JSON, XML

Client: Turner Sports Interactive, Atlanta, GA (through POSSIBLE & Webtellect)

A interactive subsidiary of the broadcasting giant.

January 2016 – March 2016


Developed portions of 2016 NCAA March Madness Live app for the Windows 10 store.  Primary focus was on building a flexible and fluid UI with XAML, including a layout overhaul of the Schedule panel, the Scores panel, the Team Stats panel, and the main navigation bar.  All data binding handled real-time updates and live broadcasts. Also ensured that these features behaved properly on the Windows Mobile platform.


Featured technology: C#, UWP/UWA, MVVM, JSON

Client: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Boston, MA (through Grand Interactive)

A provider of analytical equipment, software and services for manufacturing, analysis and diagnostics.

October 2015 – December 2015


Developed a science calculator app to simplify everyday tasks in the lab.  This Android mobile applications is called DailyCalcs in the Google Play store, and it include 8 different material calculators.  It was developed using cross platform Xamarin.Android in C#.  Feature development included new UIs for all calculator panels, a standardized control item UI, a popover menu, and consistent unit conversion options for the user.


Featured technology: C#, Xamarin Android mobile

Client: Kavo Kerr Group, Wilmington, MA (aka Dimensional Photonics DPI)

A provider of applications and chairside solutions for dental professionals.

November 2014 – August 2015


Developed the UX for the Lythos client application as part of the DPI development team.  Lythos is a chairside system used by orthodontists and dental professionals to scan a patient’s teeth and create prescriptions for local and laboratory milling of crowns, implants, etc.   Work included the entire touch-based user interface for the application, using C#/XAML on WPF.  User interface work included XML based customizations, workflow efficiency features, and integration with 3D scanned models.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WPF, MVVM

Client: KNFB, Waltham, MA (aka Kurzweil Technologies, MediaArc)

A provider of accessible e-reader and digital media applications.

April 2012 – October 2014


Developed two different client applications as part of the KNFB/Kurzweil Technologies team.  The first application was a children’s interactive eReader for Scholastic called Storia.   The completed application work included WPF, Silverlight, and mobile Xamarin development for the eReader itself.  Work also included a downloadable library management for purchased books, and game-like activities for digital books like Branching Stories.  Some web services and mobile admin controls were also developed.


A second application was a Windows 8 digital media player called MediaArc.  The application includes the players, content store, and library management for books, music, and movies.  Specific work included a large portion of the user interface, and integration of web services for product details and purchasing, and authentication.  One area of concentration was a system for managing and displaying dynamic merchandising pages for all forms of licensed content.  A port of this Windows 8 application to a web-based store was also completed.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WINRT, WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin, MVVM

Client: IOD Incorporated, Seattle, WA (through Webtellect)

A provider of health information management systems.

January 2012 – April 2012


Developed three different WPF and mobile Xamarin applications that were packaged and sold into health care facilities to track patient records, coding, abstracting, and employee productivity.  The apps included a Time Clock productivity tool, a Management Console to edit facility data directly, and a Client Console that tracks employee and contractor workflows.  All of the apps were developed using the MVVM pattern with MEF, and required a high-performance data-bound XAML UI.  In one case, apps accessed the database via data API, in another, using WCF web services.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WPF, Xamarin, MVVM, MEF

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA (through POSSIBLE & Webtellect)

A foundation dedicated to health, development, and learning innovations in the global community.

May 2011 – December 2011



Developed 5 different WPF applications to be displayed in a new Gates Foundation Visitor’s Center.  Several of the apps included video components within the applications, while others were designed to be input comments workstations, scrolling photos mosaics, and/or Twitter feed displays.  One app was a Silverlight based control management system.  Several of the apps required UDP data protocols to interface with custom visitor center hardware controls.  All of the apps were developed using the MVVM pattern with Prism and Unity, and required a high-performance data-bound XAML UI.  Accessed database via data API.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WPF, Silverlight, MVVM, Prism, Unity, UDP, Twitter SDK

Client: Microsoft, Redmond, WA (through Webtellect)

A global leader in the development of software products and services.

April 2011 – May 2011


Developed a rich UI for an internal document retrieval system called Worldwide Subsidiary Manager’s Memos.  The application was developed for an internal Microsoft team, and used as a training and presentation tool.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight

Client: McPivot, Andover, MA

A community based web site offering free access to historical baseball databases and images.

January 2011 – March 2011


Developed a unique Silverlight Web application for presenting custom queries and visualizations of baseball data as far back as the 1800’s. The application is presented as a complete web site using Silverlight, .NET, and C# technologies.  In the process of developing McPivot, I became proficient in all aspects of Silverlight’s PivotViewer controls and SDK, including custom integrated just-in-time SQL query features.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight, PivotViewer, DeepZoom, MVVM, MEF, WCF, SQL

Client: DiscountPayroll.net, Andover, MA

A small business focused on online payroll processing.

December 2010 - January 2011


Developed an ASP.NET based web site, with backend integration to the Intuit Online Payroll system.


Featured technology: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, Intuit SDK

Client: VX Software, Seattle, WA (through Webtellect)

A software consulting group.

November 2010 - January 2011


Developed a series of Silverlight based custom charting controls.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight

Client: Wells Fargo, Seattle, WA (through Webtellect)

A provider of banking, mortgage, and financial services.

September 2010 - December 2010


Developed a custom dashboard for the CIO using Silverlight and WPF that also included a WCF based auto-update service.  Also developed an animated iPad emulator in Silverlight.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WPF, Silverlight, MVVM, WCF

Client: Microsoft, Redmond, WA (through Webtellect & Mantis Technology)

A global leader in the development of software products and services.

June 2010 - September 2010


Developed a dual stream video player base on Microsoft’s Media Platform.  The application was developed for the Microsoft Academy team for use in a presentation and training environment, where two encoded or real-time video streams would be played side-by-side in a single, adaptive, smooth-streaming player.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight, Microsoft Media Platform

Client: Ideal Health, Rowley, MA

A multi-level network marketing company specializing in the sale of nutritional products.

November 2009 - May 2010


Developed several Silverlight applications, including a sales dashboard, a video player, and an animated content presenter.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight, MVVM, WCF, SQL

Client: Yin Yang Money, Andover, MA

A startup venture focused on financial and lifestyle planning.

January 2009 – November 2009


Developed a unique Web application for personal financial and lifestyle planning. The application is presented as a complete Silverlight web site using.NET, and C# technologies. In the process of developing YinYangMoney, I became highly proficient in all aspects of Silverlight development.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, Silverlight, MVVM, MEF, WCF, SQL

Client: Grass Valley, Woburn, WA

A digital video technology company specializing in capture, editing, and play-out products for the broadcast market.

July 2005 - December 2008


Developed an external control interface for a major Japanese customer.  Developed a background web service for processing video sequences and clips.  Also made various improvements to the flagship AuroraEdit MPEG video editor.


Featured technology: C#, XAML, WPF, C++, MFC, COM/ActiveX, MPEG

Client: AG Interactive, Cleveland, OH (aka AmericanGreetings.com)

The new media subsidiary of American Greetings, the greeting card company.  A startup company specializing in the development of online electronic cards and personal card printing software.

June 2005 - January 2008


Developed an online photo editor that includes capabilities to remove red-eye, crop, resize, sharpen, brighten, color correct, and included many special effects.  Also developed one of the earliest mobile greetings application using WAP protocols and MMS messaging.  Also developed a web installer for the Kiwee division's IE toolbar.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, WTL, COM/ActiveX, WAP, MMS, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Client: 3Guppies.com, Seattle, WA (aka Mixxer)

A developer of mobile and online technologies for ringtone and photo content.

June 2006 - November 2007


Developed a mobile and online ringtone clipping application, as well as a photo cropping capabilities, and a Facebook application that allows users to select, crop and "mobilize" their photos.


Featured technology: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, Facebook SDK, Flash/ActionScript

Client: Viewcast.com, Dallas, TX (aka Multimedia Access)

A developer of PC based video teleconferencing hardware and software.

January 1998 – February 1999


Extended the MMAC video teleconferencing product line with a standards compliant capability to connect conference users with existing IP connected video servers.  Work culminated in the development of several ATL/COM components that capture audio and video data from the hardware, packetizes the captured data, and transmits over open IP socket connections.  Also assisted in the productization of a direct-connect Mac client application connected to other PC based video clients and servers.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, Macintosh

Client: Monaco Systems, Andover, MA

A developer of high end color imaging and correction software for the publishing industry.

August 1997 - January 1998, August 1998 - February 1999


For a Macintosh focused development company, the role was to startup a small two-person PC development group that would eventually grow to rival its Macintosh counterpart.  I completed two color image editing applications in parallel with the Macintosh development of the same products.  This effort allowed Monaco to deliver both applications simultaneously on Mac and PC to such high-profile OEM customers as Epson America and Polaroid.  The applications development environment included the use of ActiveX and COM programming, lots of user interface design and development, and the creation of a color gamut viewer using Apple's Quickdraw 3D.  Both projects were completed on schedule, on budget, and out-performing the original specifications.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, COM/ActiveX, QuickTime, Macintosh


Full Time Experience

AG Interactive, Cleveland, OH (aka AmericanGreetings.com)

Director of New Product Development

June 2000 - March 2005


The new media subsidiary of American Greetings, the greeting card company.  A startup company specializing in the development of online electronic cards and personal card printing software.


Responsible for planning and development of the company's Create & Print personal card printing software.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, WTL, COM/ActiveX, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Grass Valley, Woburn, MA (aka Vibrint)

Director of Advanced Development

March 1999 - June 2000


A digital video technology company specializing in capture, editing, and play-out products for the broadcast market.


Responsible for planning and development of the company's low-resolution video editing applications, as well as integration efforts with 3rd party newsroom computer systems and video input devices.  These efforts provide customers with integrated solutions in a multi-vendor workgroup environment.  Built the project plans for a Journalist Suite of products that allow Vibrint video products to run without specialized hardware.  Prototyped Internet streaming technologies in an effort to help offer broadcast customers an ability to publish video news stories directly to the Web.  The development environment was heavily dependent on COM, MFC, and ActiveX technologies.  Vibrint was acquired by Grass Valley in May of 2000, and later by Thomson in 2001.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, COM/ActiveX, MPEG

Powerhouse Entertainment, Inc., Dallas, TX

Director of Development, February 1995

Vice President of Research and Development, February 1996

November 1994 - July 1997


A developer and publisher of Windows-based CDROM games, specializing in live-action video games and children's animated storybooks.


As a founding member of the Powerhouse team, and as Vice President of Research and Development, I led a development team focused on a number of customer segments in the interactive entertainment business.  I was responsible for all software development at Powerhouse and worked closely with our Los Angeles-based production teams in the design and development of a lineup of CDROM titles.  I was also personally responsible for developing the underlying technology at the heart of the company's live action video games "Jungle Book", "Pinocchio", and "Collision".  The FastLane video technology enabled the creative team to build interactive scripts and movie footage, and to assemble the video content into compelling interactive games; all with exceptional quality and performance.  I also forged an innovative Interactive StoryBook Engine for the children's CDROM market, which brings classic stories to life with a large collection of animated clickables.  Under my direction, our team at Powerhouse developed 6 animated storybooks for Golden Book Interactive and 2 live-action children's adventure games for IBM within a span of 24 months.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, WIN32, WING

Micrografx, Inc., Richardson TX

Director of Consumer Products, October 1993

Senior Software Engineer, March 1991

March 1991 - November 1994


A leader in the development and distribution of Windows based graphics applications.


Initially, as a Senior Software Engineer following the acquisition of Astral, I was responsible for several new product releases of our Picture Publisher image editor, as well as, the design and development of the consumer oriented PhotoMagic product.  During several product release cycles, I played the role of both lead developer and project coordinator.  Later, as Director of Consumer Products, I managed all aspects of product development within the group and was responsible for the design and development of the company's first two consumer titles "Crayola Art Studio" and "Crayola Amazing Art Adventure".  On a technical level, I was responsible for the product design and for the majority of the code development in the Crayola products. In this role I also helped to solidify the relationships with clients like Hallmark and Binney & Smith (Crayola), and managed the development of the Hallmark Card Studio product.  I satisfied these highly brand-conscious customers by providing them with several awarding winning and highly profitable products.  In addition to these product development responsibilities, I became a member of the executive team and was an active spokesman on technical subjects pertaining to the company and the industry as a whole.


Featured technology: C++, MFC, WIN32

Astral Development Corp., Londonderry, NH

Director of Advanced Development

August 1988 - March 1991


Innovators in the design, development, and manufacture of high quality image processing software for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh desktop publishing market.


I was responsible for establishing the concept and technical foundation of Astral's primary product "Picture Publisher" and developed a large portion of the software code base.  I was the first technical hire made by the founding Astral team, and spearheaded the innovative design of Picture Publisher while working around serious limitation in the first versions of Microsoft Windows 2.0.  I held the position of Director of Title Development, and served as the Lead Developer for our imaging applications.  I had a great deal of customer contact while at Astral, and attention to their needs is one reason why Picture Publisher was awarded the Publish magazine's reader's choice awards for three consecutive years.  The application also won a Byte magazine technical excellence award and several InfoWorld usability face-offs with Adobe PhotoShop.   I developed a reputation for developing solid applications with easy to use interfaces, and was responsible for timely product delivery during 6 release cycles. Astral and "Picture Publisher" were acquired by Micrografx of Richardson, TX in March 1991.


Featured technology: C, WIN32

Kodak Electronic Publishing, Bedford, MA (aka Atex)

Manager of Imaging Systems

August 1987 - August 1988


The digital newspaper publishing division of the film and camera giant.


As Manager of Imaging Systems of Kodak's Atex Publishing division, I led the design and development of the imaging component to a large UNIX based electronic newspaper publishing system.  I directed a team of 8 individuals and built a network database approach to document imaging under tight deadlines.  This growing expertise in the imaging field enabled Atex to offer its customers a full turnkey solution versus utilizing third-party systems.


Featured technology: C, UNIX, Sun

ImagiTex, Inc., Nashua, NH

Manager of Applications Development, July 1986

Senior Software Engineer, July 1983

July 1983 - August 1987


A startup innovator in the design and manufacture of high quality scanners and image processing systems for the electronic publishing marketplace.


Held several positions at ImagiTex including Manager of Application Development.  While directing the applications software group, led the design of the company's image-editing software applications, as well as, its page layout application and underlying systems support.  Also led a group of software engineers responsible for the architecture, design, and development of these applications to satisfy the target customer base of graphic arts and newspaper clients.  Developed technologies to print and halftone digital images in an image database, and to process them in a variety of ways, including color correction, size and scale, and shape masking. Developed extensive experience in dealing with graphic arts customers throughout North America, and was recognized as an innovator in the area of image processing for electronic/desktop publishing.


Featured technology: C, UNIX

MITRE Corp., Bedford, MA

Member of Technical Staff

June 1977 - August 1983


A defense contractor and pioneer in the development of flight systems, radar systems, and the first local area network hardware, specializing in superior engineering expertise in Air Force and government projects.


Served as a software developer to many of the nation's top technical systems designers, and was exposed to large project management and the value of innovation.  Supported the Bureau of Labor Statistics with its first interactive database system in an age of batch processing.  Exposure to hardware and software of all types earned me a role as a member of the technical staff, and was sought out for programming service and debugging large systems. Proceeded to earn a role in the company's office automation pilot program, which gave me a unique opportunity to develop distributed word applications in the early days of Local Area Networking where MITRE was a pioneer.  Developed my first graphical software product, a slide presentation product utilizing the company's large distributed DEC and IBM display systems.


Featured technology: PL/I, FORTRAN, JCL, IBM370, TSO, Basic, DEC PDP11




Boston College - Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Minor in Educational Psychology


Product Awards and Recognition


  • Newsweek Magazine Editor's Choice Award 1996 - "Right's Animal Farm"
  • Newsweek Magazine Editor's Choice Award 1996 - "The Jungle Book"
  • PC Magazine - 4 stars 1996 - "The Jungle Book"
  • The Family Channel Seal of Quality 1996 - "The Sailor Dog"
  • HomePC Magazine - 3 stars (out of 4) 1996 - "The Sailor Dog"
  • PC Magazine's Best of 1994 - "Crayola Amazing Art Adventure" and "Crayola Art Studio"
  • Australian Good Toy Guide Toy of the Year 1994 - "Crayola Amazing Art Adventure"
  • Windows Magazine's WIN100 1995 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Home Office Computing Magazine Editor's Pick 1994 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Computer Artist Magazine's Product of the Year 1994 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Australian Personal Computer Magazine's Best of 1994 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Advanced Communications Technologies Product of the Year 1994 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Publish Magazine Reader's Choice - Best Image Editor 1991 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Publish Magazine Reader's Choice - Best Image Editor 1990 - "Picture Publisher"
  • Publish Magazine Reader's Choice - Best Image Editor 1989 - "Picture Publisher"


Product Development


Line of Business Applications


  • Lythos dental chairside scanning solution
  • MediaArc digital media player and content store for ebooks, movies, and music
  • Storia children’s eReader and store for ebooks


Online applications


  • McPivot data visualization of historical baseball databases
  • DiscountPayroll.net online payroll application
  • YinYangMoney financial and lifestyle planning
  • Create & Print printable greeting cards for American Greetings and Blue Mountain
  • 3Guppies Facebook photo editing and sharing
  • 3Guppies ringtone and photo clipping


Graphics applications


  • Picture Publisher photo editing, versions 1.0-4.0
  • Aurora Edit video editing contributor
  • PrestoProof color image correction
  • MonacoScan color image correction
  • WorkFoneVBX IP telephony


Personal Productivity applications


  • PhotoMagic photo editing for novices
  • Hallmark Card Studio printable greeting cards


Children's creativity titles


  • Crayola Art Studio children's creativity
  • Crayola Amazing Art Adventure children's creativity


Live-action video adventure games


  • The Jungle Book live-action video game
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio live-action video game


Interactive and animated storybooks


  • The Sailor Dog
  • Right's Animal Farm
  • The Adventures of Goat
  • The House That Had Enough
  • The Little Red Caboose
  • The Magic Paintbox


Live-action video games


  • Collision live-action video game




  • Strong SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) skills; planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance.
  • Expert with languages, especially C#, XAML, C++, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Expert with platform API's: .NET, Xamarin, UWP/UWA, WPF, Windows Runtime, Silverlight.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills.


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